Lin Wooden has a day on Twitter

It seemed impossible that the post-election process cycle could get stupid. Rudy Giuliani figured and literally melted on the screen. His other Elite Strike ForceTM attorney’s résumé is… far from the elite despite being a doctor! Sidney Powell’s legal theories proved so unfounded and insane that she was kicked out of the band and formed her own team, Kraken. Texas then sued other states because Ken Paxton wanted a VERY IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES pardon and the Supreme Court laughed at her, leading to a winged theory that yelled at John Roberts and berated the other judges in the conference room even though he hadn’t met in person in months .

But Team Kraken bassist Lin Wood is here to take it one step further.

Sorry what?

Can we get more clarity on this, Lin?

If only Umberto Eco were alive to see the plan come true. In Foucault’s Pendulum, the characters form a stupid series of conspiracies as a lark and eventually find that the intertwined conspiracies metastasize and dangerously drag more people into nonsense. Trump’s election defeat is now tied to Jeffrey Epstein and Pizzagate. The great unified theory of batshit is just around the corner.

Make sure Hunter Biden’s Laptop is disabled on your bingo card. A fantastic email, by the way … with a flawless grammar, you can’t confuse it with a Russian apparatchik trying to compose an email using Google Translate. No

And now QAnon enters the chat. We are here through the mirror people!

The implication here is that Roberts could sue Wood for defamation … but TRUTH is a defense against defamation … The fact that Roberts has not yet sued him proves that everything Wood says must be true. QED, Mofos! Or is it perhaps because Roberts is a public figure in need of a rise to prove slander and that there is no harm because these claims are so absurd that they do not harm his reputation? Who should say that

You know how people always play chess, perpendicular to the board for a photo op. The board is a little hard to see, but it definitely looks like Trump purposely moved his queen to a place where Barron could take it on on this move. Instead, the kid moves a random pawn and exposes his other knight. So … yes, it looks a lot like January 6, 2021.

Wood then spends an hour chasing Dan Crenshaw and then an hour chasing Mark Meadows. And Moderna and Bill Gates. It’s like the 12 days of Christmas of wild accusations. I’m just waiting for the classic “FIVE. GOLD. RINGS !!!! (Forged by George Soros in the fires of Mt. Doom). “

Fortunately, Wood isn’t done with John Roberts yet.

Well that has taken a turn, hasn’t it?

Happy 2021!

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