Keystone Gentle desires to strap a high-tech cooler to your chest

Have you ever carried a backpack, maybe one filled with lukewarm beer, and thought: It would be much better if my backpack were a cool box? Also, what if I swing it forward like a tactical sling?

If so, then Keystone Light has more than got you covered with its new Smooth Operator Vest. If not, a creative marketing department at a beer company has an excessive solution anyway.

The Smooth Operator was designed for fishing (but let’s be honest, probably at fraternity parties in the backyard), the Smooth Operator combines so many accessories that heads spin faster than Keystone Ice.

Maybe that’s why it should hold a six-pack Keystone Light, two reusable ice packs and much more. There is a 308-piece fishing box, a collapsible fishing rod with a reel, and a collapsible stool.

To help you carry that beer-drinking “burden”, the marketing heads at Molson Coors somehow stowed a collapsible walking stick. If that’s not enough? There is a waist belt.

The vest is rounded off by a Bluetooth speaker operated by shoulder-mounted solar panels. And a powerful flashlight should help the happy owner justify wearing sunglasses at night.

The Smooth Operator Vest finally solves timeless problems like carrying things on your back, holding things in your hands and heaven forbid making two journeys.

And don’t let the renders fool you. Our contact at the famous macro brewery assured us that this is a real product that costs around $ 2,500 each. A limited edition of 20 Smooth Operator vests will go on sale tomorrow (June 11) at 10 a.m. EST for $ 14.99.

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