John Fetterman will assist eliminating the filibuster if he’s elected to the Senate

Pennsylvania governor John Fetterman announced his candidacy for the Senate on Monday and said if elected he would support the killing of the filibuster.

Video from Lt. Gov. Fetterman on MSNBC:

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate Lt. Gov. @JohnFetterman says if elected he would support getting rid of the filibuster.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 8, 2021

When asked if he supports killing MSNBC’s filibuster Hallie Jackson, Fetterman said, “Yes, I would. And here’s why, because these are some fundamental changes that are truths. If you don’t support raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, I want you to live and work for $ 7.25 an hour and show me how to get along with your family and feed them openly. To get these important things done, be it climate change or something similar, you need to get rid of the filibuster. This idea that a random senator from a state with 600,000 inhabitants can uphold the democratic will and the sense of urgency from which this policy originates is not very democratic at its core. “

Fetterman might have the right combination to be a successful candidate for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate. Fetterman will do better than most Pennsylvania Democrats, having lived in western Pennsylvania for decades. His views go well with the blue areas of the state, but he’s also a worker and that will help get the rural Pennsylvania Democrats behind his campaign as well.

The Republican Party’s weakness in terms of nationwide candidates also works in Fetterman’s favor. The Republicans have been blind to Senator Toomey’s decision not to run for re-election and are trying to find a candidate for governor and a candidate for the US Senate seat.

It’s easy to see that a candidate like Lt. Gov. Fetterman makes a great team with Senator as long as he wants to be Bob Casey.

Fetterman would be a reliable progressive Democratic vote if elected, and he has the right combination to win a Senate race in Pennsylvania.

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