Joe Biden offers Kamala Harris an amazing job and exhibits he has it again

President Biden showed the world that he had Vice President Harris’ back when he asked them to lead the diplomatic response to Central American migration to the United States.


After Trump spent four years humiliating Pence, Biden said of VP Harris, “The best thing we have to do is get someone where he or she is talking. Don’t be surprised, is the President there “She doesn’t have to ask me, she knows what she’s doing.”

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 24, 2021

When announcing that VP Harris will lead diplomatic efforts on the Central American migration problem, President Biden said:

This new surge that we are dealing with now started with the last administration, but it is our responsibility to be human with it and stop what happens. This increase was a consequence, but the Vice President agrees that, among other things, she has agreed to fulfill our diplomatic efforts and work with these nations to welcome returnees and improve migration enforcement at their borders. At their limits. We’re already talking to Mexico about it, she’s already done that.

We’re going to be dealing with a full team now as we need to be able to solve the problem here at home, but also now in relation to the country. I can’t think of anyone better qualified to do this than a former – there’s a woman who ran the second largest attorney general in America after the United States Attorney General in the state of California and has done a lot for human rights but the fight against organized crime in the process.

The best we have to do is get someone where he or she is talking. Don’t be surprised, is the President there? She doesn’t have to ask me, she knows what she’s doing. Madam Vice-President, thank you. I gave you a tough job. They smile, but there is no one better able to organize it.

As Vice President of Barack Obama, Joe Biden was given important roles and the autonomy to carry them out. As President, Biden is paying forward and doing the same for Vice President Kamala Harris.

President Biden gave authority to Vice President Harris by telling the nation and the world that when the Vice President speaks on this matter, she speaks for me. If Kamala Harris is elected president one day, moments like this will be seen as keys to her ascension.

Joe Biden may help his successor prepare to sit in the Oval Office one day.

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