Joe Biden crushed Loeffler and Purdue for serving to Texas lawsuit to overthrow the election

At a rally for the Democratic Senate runoff candidates, Ossoff and Warnock, President-elect Biden Loeffler and Perdue pounded in support of the Texas lawsuit.


Biden hammers Loeffler and Perdue for supporting the lawsuit in Texas to overthrow the election.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 15, 2020

Biden said, “Do you know who did nothing while Trump, Texas and others tried to wipe out every single one of the nearly 5 million votes you cast here in Georgia in November? Your two Republican senators. They were ready. In fact, your two Republican senators fully embraced what Texas told the Supreme Court. You have been fully in favor of nullifying nearly 5 million votes in Georgia. You might want to remind yourself that January 5th is coming. I’ll try to be generous here in the spirit of the season. Maybe your senators were just confused. Maybe they think they represent Texas. If you want to do that – Texas, you should run in Texas, not Georgia. “

Biden praised the Democratic candidates and made it clear that with a Democratic Senate, he and the Democrats can make every American’s life better.

Trump spent his rally for Loeffler and Perdue talking about himself. Joe Biden came to Georgia and campaigned heavily for Ossoff and Warnock while reminding state voters that David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler did not represent them.

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