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Jewish teams be part of the refrain of voices calling for Rep. Marjorie Tayler Greene to be expelled

WASHINGTON (RNS) – Jewish groups decipher statements made by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a new Georgia Republican lawmaker who has advocated numerous conspiracy theories. At least one organization is asking lawmakers to expel them for advocating views they believe are anti-Semitic.

Several reports were released in the past week pointing to Greene’s longstanding support for bizarre and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. According to reports, a 2018 Facebook post speculated that wildfire started this year in California when the Rothbanks, a Jewish banking family, fired a laser from space, igniting the fire for financial gain.

Some of Greene’s fellow lawmakers, like Missouri Democratic MP Cori Bush, have already called for her expulsion from Congress for a variety of reasons, and California Democratic MP Jimmy Gomez has legislated to do so.

Jewish groups are now stepping up the growing criticism of Greene. On Friday (January 29), the Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement stating that they backed their Republican competitor in the 2020 Republican primary because they “found Greene’s past behavior deeply offensive”.

“We are offended and appalled by their comments and actions,” the statement said. “We resisted her as a candidate and are still against her now. It is way outside the mainstream Republican Party, and the RJC is working with the Republican leadership of the House on the next steps on this matter. “

The Conference of Presidents of Large American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella organization that represents some 50 Jewish groups, also issued a statement condemning Greene’s views, saying they were “outraged” and accusing them of “routinely (king) in unfounded conspiracy theories to socialize often anti-Semitic in nature. “

“As an avid supporter of QAnon, Representative Greene advocates anti-Semitic canards,” the statement said, adding, “that the leadership of Congress must react quickly and appropriately to make it clear that this behavior must not invalidate our policies and may. “

The criticism from T’ruah, an advocacy group of more than 2,000 rabbis and cantors, was even harsher. The group called for Greene’s expulsion from Congress as well as Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, noting that both of them have expressed support for the unsubstantiated QAnon conspiracy theory, which falsely claims to be a secret cabal of pedophiles who worship Satan, run a global ring of child trafficking in active conflict with former US President Donald Trump.

According to political scientist Paul A. Djupe, QAnon supporters may lean towards anti-Semitism, and the broader QAnon conspiracy theory often includes anti-Semitic tropes such as the unfounded belief that the Jewish people – particularly the Rothschild family – control all banks.

“Supporting QAnon should be disqualifying for anyone holding public office. MP Marjorie Taylor Greene, MP Lauren Boebert and other members of Congress who voted for QAnon should resign or be expelled from Congress for supporting this anti-Semitic and anti-democratic conspiracy theory, “T’ruah chief rabbi Jill Jacobs said in one Press release.

“We also urge all members of Congress, especially the Republican Party, which has tacitly accepted conspiracy theorists, to explicitly denounce these conspiracies for what they are: anti-Semitic and anti-democratic nonsense responsible for increasing anti-Semitic violence and deadly anti-democracy insurrection which aims to overthrow free and fair elections. “

Jacobs also argued, “It is not difficult to draw the link between the increase in officials who support such hateful nonsense and the surge in anti-Semitic attacks and violence in recent years.”

Liberal Jewish interest groups J Street, Bend the Arc Jewish Action and If Not Now also called for Greene’s expulsion. When Not Now’s open letter describes her as a “racist and anti-Semite” and argues that conspiracy theories would be “ridiculous” if they had not “killed Jews in painful recent memory.”

Greene also made a defiant statement Friday afternoon addressed to the “radical left democratic mob”. Greene did not directly address allegations of anti-Semitism, instead insisting that she would not “huddle in front of the mob” and that “more MAGA reinforcements are on the way.”

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