Jerry Falwell Jr. drops defamation lawsuit in opposition to Liberty College

(RNS) – Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has dropped a lawsuit alleging the school he once ran defamed him after he resigned this summer following a sex scandal.

According to News & Advance, Falwell’s attorneys told the Lynchburg Circuit Court on Wednesday (December 9) that they would not pursue his case against the school. The case revolved around allegations of a sexual relationship between himself, his wife, and a former business associate that were repeated by school officials – allegations Falwell insists are false.

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“I have decided to take time out from my legal battle against Liberty University, but I will continue to keep all options on the table for an appropriate resolution of the matter,” Falwell said in a statement to News & Advance on Thursday.

In the original lawsuit, filed in October, Falwell alleged that school officials pressured him to resign without properly investigating the allegations against him.

“By forcing Mr Falwell to resign from Liberty immediately after (Giancarlo) Granda’s false and defamatory statements, Liberty was sending the unmistakable message that Granda’s false statements were indeed true,” the lawsuit read.

Business partner Giancarlo Granda told reporters that he had a year-long affair with Falwell’s wife Becki and that Falwell Jr. sometimes participated as a voyeur.

Falwell has denied this claim, claiming Granda attempted to blackmail his family – an allegation Granda denied.

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