Jack Daniels x Disaronno Velvet Fireplace: Future Virus Sensation or Sizzling Mess?

In the spirits world, we’ve seen some spectacular victories – like Heaven Hill’s 13-year-old single barrel bourbon, one of the rarest of 2020. Of course, we also have to expect some losses. Collaborations are not uncommon – far from it – but this new announcement by legendary whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s and Italian liqueur maker Disaronno makes us scratch our heads. It’s called Velvet Fire. It “combines 2 parts Disaronno Velvet and 1 part Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire.” And it sounds absolutely bad.

Now we wouldn’t put ourselves in the camp of liquor drinkers enjoying a spicy, milky drink. On the other hand, we are not exactly the target demo. We’re a bit out of the college age group and our drink of choice isn’t dictated by the cheapest buzz.

In particular, the quote from Disaronno’s press release carefully avoids all words that could seduce even the more sophisticated drinker, such as “delicious”, “tasty” or even “refreshing”.

Instead, it says: “The mixability of Disaronno Velvet in combination with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire ensures a unique taste experience that will fascinate many spirits and cocktail lovers’ palates,” said Ignacio Llaneza, Vice President Brand & Trade Marketing at Disaronno.

Fascinating indeed. It seems one would need an iron stomach – or a bevy of antacids – to neutralize the effects of this alcohol abomination.

We’ll stick with a little anejo tequila, a smoky single barrel whiskey or, hell, even a bargain bourbon around the campfire. Quaffing a milky atomic fireball or other crazy cocktail made by sadistic bartenders or marketing wizards (let’s not forget the smoker’s cough – Jagermeister and Mayo) doesn’t really get us into jazz.

But hey, we give them the benefit of the doubt. We haven’t tried it yet so it might be a huge hit and inspire a legion of TikTok fans to create a challenge. We’d be interested in seeing someone take a shot or two of this …

Velvet Fire is now available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $ 49.99

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