Is the 1984 Surprise Girl villain based mostly on Donald Trump?

Donald Trump will soon be leaving the White House. However, its influence on politics will be felt for many years to come. Not just in terms of politics, but in terms of pop culture as a whole.

Trump has presented himself as an almost perfect film villain. And critics who have seen the latest Wonder Woman movie have wondered if the movie’s villain, Maxwell Lord, is based on the president.

The film is set in 1984 and the character, played by Pedro Pascal, is similar to Trump’s version from the 1980s.

The film’s star, Gal Gadot, was recently asked by Variety about the similarities. “It’s interesting,” she replied. “Because when we were filming it, we didn’t really think about it until we got to the White House [scene]. And then we say ‘Hmm’. “

The actress continued, “The thing about Maxwell Lord in our movie is that, unlike the comics, he’s more complex because he’s not just a bad villain. He’s a normal person who wants to be all of these things that you would see on TV. I know from Pedro when we were making the movie that at one point he was just focusing on the page and what was there. And along with Patty, they just created this character. “

Gadot concluded, “I don’t think it’s a political film. I think there are some political elements just because it is the nature of the world and we are dealing with some issues that can easily be linked to politics. But the film is not about politics. The film is about something that is a lot simpler. It’s about truth and the power of truth and hope. “

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