Improve your sweatpants with high performers for out of doors adventures

Karl Lagerfeld once said that sweatpants are a sign of defeat. “You have lost control of your life,” said the late German fashion designer, “so you bought yourself sweatpants.”

Thanks to Childish Gambino and a 2020 involved in a pandemic, we all know Lagerfeld was wrong. You can still “win” in sweatpants. They are everywhere now, not just in the sports limbo. Even Lagerfeld’s Karl brand has jogging pants in its current line. Although this trend of creeping social acceptance of the goods is before 2020, the pandemic has only accelerated the general craze for comfort – especially with sweatpants, which can extend their use well beyond the limits of relaxation in the home country. Whether you’re trying to upgrade your Zoom apparel, looking for the right pair of pants for walking your dog, or just wanting to make your outdoor adventures a little bit cozier with a tougher, resilient option, we’ve got you covered – these sweatpants will never signal surrender .

Aether Apparel Marshall Knit: OK, these models have a classic sweatpants look (tapered leg, drawstring waist, deep pockets), but they look a bit more precise. The details are what sets these pants apart from the fiddly middle school joggers: leather lace drawstrings, a reinforced inner knee panel, and the luxurious textured Italian jersey material that improves everyone’s sweatpants game.

Snow Peak sweatpantsSnow Peak WG stretch knit pants: can jogging pants be sophisticated? The WG knit pants are a good argument for a chic style that can relax. These pants were made with the 3D knitting technology WHOLEGARMENT (hence the WG) and go with almost any occasion with any top (not that you are going to a gallery soon). Since the knit consists of 52 percent wool and 48 percent polyester, they are also adventure-friendly for trips in mild weather.

Patagonia R1Patagonia R1 fleece pants: Patagonia makes R1 fleece pants. If you know R1, that’s all you need to know. For strangers, R1 means soft fleece on the inside, smooth on the outside, ideal for covering during cooler weather missions and for cuddling indoors. Patagonia also has a sturdy line of comfortable pants, such as the Mahnya Fleece Pants and the legendary Nano Air Pants, which are ready to mix and match.

Lift up sweatpantsElevenate Fusion Pants: Yes, we understand these pants don’t even reach your ankles, but Elevenate’s Fusions are meant to go under ski / snowboard pants and sit right over your boots. Because they fit around the waist and leg more like sweatpants than tight-fitting thermal, they count. And for those who don’t ski or ski, the Fusion pants are perfect to slip under one of your favorite tapered, warmer weather pants that you just can’t stop wearing.

Mountain Hardwear sweatpants fleeceMountain Hardwear Polartec High Loft-Pants: a touch of nostalgia, a touch of technology and lots of fuzzy fleece. The new Polartec High Loft pants from Mountain Hardwear are a slightly revised version of the older classic. The reinforced knees and pockets give the high loft pants acceptable “public” attire. However, wearers should be warned that these pants can cause insensitive relaxation.

Arc'teryx sweatpants

Arc’teryx Proton Pants: We were pretty excited to find out that Arc’teryx has a variety of athletic bottoms that include a comfortable category. The list goes on from the Mentum joggers (bonafide jogging pants) to the Cormac pant (technical running pants). The Proton Pant is not only a middle layer for your legs (which fits perfectly under a bowl), but depending on the layer, it is also a seasonal staple for running, hiking or just lazing around.

The North Face sweatpantsThe North Face TKA Glacier Pants: Made from recycled fleece, these performers deliver too much when the doctor orders chill-laxin ‘. These light and simple fleece pants are a mix of PJs and classic sweatshirt. Although you want to wear them around the clock, we recommend washing them at least once a month (for hygienic reasons, of course!).

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