How 100% Capri is disrupting the posh journey retail scene

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Many famous designers like Valentino, Chanel, and Hermes have made it increasingly popular to buy ready-made items that add value to a wide range of lifestyles. What most well-known luxury brands have not taken into account, however, is the individual climate in which their clothing is worn.

100% luxury market troublemaker Capri has thrived in this blatant niche with its fine bed linen.

100% Capri was designed by entrepreneur Antonino Aiello and has bespoke fabrics that can be incorporated into the climate in which they are sold.

100% Capri excelled in using a team of research analysts in the luxury market to gather key weather data for popular vacation spots. Such in-depth analyzes make your fabrics ideal for the specific destination where they are sold.

From St. Barts to South Africa, 100% Capri features fabrics that offer vacationers a sophisticated, local shopping experience that is uniquely designed to keep consumers looking and feeling good as they wear their bespoke clothing on the shores of their majestic vacation.

As the company continues to expand its brand in numerous destinations around the world, they are also bringing linen and travel fashions into the mainstream for seasoned luxury shoppers. 100% Capri is sold in premium shopping malls like Bal Harbor, which are next to well-known brands like Hermes, Chanel, Gucci and others.

Although 100% Capri has been in operation for over 22 years, they are now emerging as disruptors in the mainstream luxury world and attracting great attention to the discerning buyer in the US and Europe.

They plan to further expand their brand in the Middle East, Asia, Singapore and Dubai over the next few years.

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