Home Republicans block $ 2,000 stimulus checks on Christmas Eve

House Republicans plan to oppose unanimous consent to pass $ 2,000 stimulus checks for every American on Christmas Eve.

Jake Sherman reported in Prime Minister Politico’s playbook: “You cannot address something unanimously unless it is approved by the minority leadership. The $ 2,000 checks are not cashing by GOP leadership, according to several sources familiar with planning. Republican lawmakers are already excited about the prospect of an increase in the direct payment amount, according to multiple phone calls we received this morning. So the brief union of TRUMP and PELOSI on the $ 2,000 check thing looks like it’s not going to fly – it’s going to be put out of service by anyone in the chair this morning. (Caveat: it could change, but it seems unlikely.) You could try to force this vote multiple times over the next two weeks. “

Republicans of the House may change their minds and realize that it doesn’t look good to withhold vital aid to people struggling during the pandemic on Christmas Eve, but it seems that the message that Kevin McCarthy and his caucus are getting across The American people want to send is that they don’t care about your suffering.

Trump threatens to block the $ 600 stimulus checks and Republicans refuse to approve $ 2,000 stimulus checks in the house. Republicans are reminding everyone that their core role in Washington is to make the lives of as many Americans as possible worse.

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