Hobbit Regulation Cited In Loopy Trump-Loving Lawsuit To Overturn Elections

Frodo: What news from the outside world? Tell me everything.

Gandalf: Everything? Far too eager and curious for a hobbit, highly unnatural. What can i tell you Life in the wide world goes on as it has in the past, full of armed riots and troubled electoral challenges. I am barely aware of the existence of the law … for which I am very grateful.

What was the age of 2021 for Paul Davis? Let’s recap:

January 1, 2021: Started a new year as Assistant General Counsel at Goosehead Insurance.
January 6, 2021: Takes part in storming the United States Capitol.
January 7, 2021: Former Deputy General Counsel at Goosehead Insurance.
January 18, 2021: Files insane election challenge, Latinos for Trump et al. v. Pete Sessions et al. claim that every member of the 117th Congress and Joe Biden have been expelled from public office on dubious election fraud claims (even around 2/3 of the Senate didn’t vote this cycle? I think?). And Mark Zuckerberg … something something.

So it has been an eventful year so far.

And now he’s filed an amended TRO application in the West District of Texas and decided to open it, noting the high level of credibility the case brings to the court:

2. “Gondor has no king” to quote a very fitting quote from the epic classic “Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien.

Do you know who else has no king? The United States. Indeed, he goes on to cite the Declaration of Independence and remark: “Ironically, rather, one could now easily install the federal government of the United States in place of the King of Great Britain, who is no longer accountable to his voting citizens. “No, you can’t. Maybe in DC where they are taxed without representation.

But as for this Gondor thing, listen to him!

In the course of the epic trilogy, the rightful King of Gondor had left the throne. Since only the rightful king could sit on the throne of Gondor, a steward was appointed to administer Gondor until the return of the king, known as “Aragorn”, occurred at the end of the story. This analogy is applicable because there is now a group of people in Washington, DC who call themselves President, Vice President, and Congress who have no legitimate right to run the American people. Accordingly, as set out in the proposed interim injunction, the Court should, as a remedy, appoint a group of special masters (the “stewards”) to write a check [sic] The power of the illegitimate president up to this constitutional crisis can be resolved through peaceful legal proceedings in the context of an injunction hearing and judicial proceedings on the matter.

Um … excuse me. Aragorn had not left the throne. The throne of Gondor was vacant after the death of King Eärnur, who died without an heir in 2050 of the Third Age, when Mardil Voronwë “the steadfast” took over the role of steward and began a line of royal administration that spanned nearly 1,000 years until the return of the king Elessar Telcontar (whom this farmer calls “Aragorn”) in 3019. Duh.

But look, he has concerns:

The risk of the United States government descending into such an oppressive police state is given the widespread culture of annulment that has emerged to end and intimidate anyone who supported the previous administration, coupled with the powers that government agencies have given In order to spy on US citizens, tangible and imminent, a perfect storm for such a scenario. Internet research into the culture of abandonment will make headlines describing the palpable fear of those who have the political right to end up being rounded up to Soviet gulags, or “re-education camps”.

That’s exactly how Stalin began by telling Trotsky that his writing was broken and then the entire Politburo befriending him on the party messages (SocialismWithAHumanFacebook). Refusing to book someone on TV and stabbing them in the skull repeatedly with an ice pick is really a no-brainer.

So there are a lot of problems with this suit, but before we toss it aside, we should keep in mind that an appraiser is pending:

In addition, as set out in JS Vanderbol III’s report entitled “Global Risk Analysis: Special Report”….

I stopped reading right there to review this JS Vanderbol III. The very first link leads to the Texas Courts’ official list of Vexatious Litigants. This is how the report goes.

The only way Gondorian politics even remotely reads by analogy is to say we just had a crazy ruler with incredibly creepy relationships with his kids, who was sitting in an office he didn’t deserve due to anachronistic rules, and after refusing to confront the growing viral threat from orcs and Uruk-hai, which spread exponentially across the land, he went out in a fire of shame, paving the way for someone to come in and clean up the mess .

A day may come when this seeming legal challenge fails, when the court leaves the president who appointed it and breaks all bonds of federal society, but it is not that day!

But it will almost definitely be very soon.

Take a look at the file below (sometimes you have to click Refresh in your browser to see it).

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Associate General Counsel was part of yesterday’s coup attempt. He is no longer an Associate General Counsel.

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