High water ladies cost huge wave season in Hawaii

Until you’ve seen big waves surf up close, it’s hard to understand how massive and intimidating these waves really are. Towering walls of water tower up on the horizon, and they get bigger and bigger, until they finally break in a thundering white water explosion. It is one of those things that, once you’ve seen and felt it, most people quickly realize that they don’t want to be apart from it.

Anyone who decides to paddle their way past the point of no return and jump on their feet is doing an incredible job of dealing with fear. The reward for successfully riding one of these waves is an unmatched rush of adrenaline. The risk is malicious extinction that can easily lead to serious injury or even death.

While top big wave surfers like Kai Lenny, Grant Baker and Billy Kemper are paying a lot of attention to their big wave riding skills, there is another group of chargers that are finally getting the attention they deserve.

This season, top water women will have a large platform where they can put their big-wave riding skills to the test thanks to Red Bull Magnitude. This big wave video contest started last month and will crown the water woman who performs at its best throughout the Hawaiian big wave winter season. Here’s a look back at the toughest moments in December, and with the huge boom this weekend, this competition is far from over.

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