Greatest Males’s Cross Coaching Footwear for HIIT Exercises: 2021

Good cross training shoes get you through a HIIT workout just as skillfully as sport-specific shoes help basketball, soccer and tennis athletes to maximize their performance. The advantage of cross trainers is that they are versatile and work equally well on the elliptical trainer as well as during casual runs and in everyday life (hence the name cross training). But not all cross training shoes keep their promises. That’s why we set out to find the best cross training shoes of 2021.

We looked for shoes geared towards HIIT and other intense workouts to make sure the shoes had plenty of stability for all of those side shuffles, mountaineers, and alternating squats. Below are our seven most popular cross training shoes that will take you from the side plank to the sprint.

Best cross training shoes of 2021 for HIIT and bootcamp fanatics

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1. NOBULL Navy Tie-Dye Canvas Sneakers

These fashionable sneakers get the job done in the gym. The upper is made of canvas, so it’s best for those aiming for minimal support and primarily lifting or doing CrossFit, as synthetic knit tops are more forgiving when running. The extra high carbon side and medial guards act like guardrails for sideways movement and a medial rope handle to help you get your ass pulled in the middle of the WOD.


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2. Saucony Freedom 4

New for spring 2021, float through your next boot camp workout with the latest addition to the Freedom line. The responsive cushioning gives runs, sprints, box jumps and the like a springy feeling. In addition, the stable platform is better suited for lateral movements, so that you can smash agility drills with confidence. A mesh upper and suede tongue add comfort, and hidden reflections on the heel improve visibility in low light. This is a versatile shoe.


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3. Les Mills X Reebok Nano X1 cross trainer

Launched in March this year, these co-branded Nano X1 trainers are ready to serve you well, whether you’re doing the spicy workouts of the Les Mills x Reebok Nano Series or not (try a free 30- Day trial version). Like the rest of the line, these sneakers have a breathable upper, solid support for multidirectional movements and a heel clip. Besides being a nice shoe, we love how flexible the forefoot is for better mobility during HIIT sessions.


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4th track – eight men’s trainers AD 1

If you like more soft support and cushioning, the AD 1 is an excellent trainer. The midsole foam is made from harmful algal blooms that threaten the well-being of marine ecosystems, and the upper is made from upcycled plastic water bottles (11 bottles per shoe) spun into polyester yarn with vegan suede details. Overall, the shoe is extremely comfortable and stable for intensive speed work.


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5. Nike Metcon 6

The Metcon from Nike has been a training shoe for work horses for years. The latest design provides support and stability for squats and deadlifts, thanks to a removable insert that allows you to adjust the height under the heel as desired. Choose from a wide range of colors or design your own.


Got itUnder Armor UA TriBase ™ Reign 3 training shoesUnder Armor UA TriBase ™ Reign 3 training shoes Image used with permission

6. Under Armor UA TriBase Reign 3 training shoes

The standout feature here is the tribase design which gives you a triangular base for your foot to flex naturally. A foam midsole and a wider midfoot add comfort, and a solid rubber outsole offers abrasion resistance. There is also strategically placed rubber under the toe box for improved traction and a heel counter to guide the pronation of your foot.


Got itLalo Bud / s Maximus GrinderLalo Bud / s Maximus Grinder Image used with permission

7. Lalo Bud / s Maximus Grinder

The breathable upper material, the toe cap and the stability wrap around the metatarsus offer a lot to love. There’s plenty to do too, as these lightweight elliptical machines can withstand heavy lifting. The shoe takes its name from a collaboration with Bobby Maximum, a former UFC fighter. FYI: The company recommends ordering half a size larger than you normally wear.


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