George Conway says the GOP is in “an infinite downward spiral of delusion and unreality”.

George Conway had been Republican all his life when Donald Trump stopped by. His wife Kellyanne naturally became a key member of Team Trump.

Trump was too much for Conway, however, and he went out of his way to get him out of office. That includes becoming a founding member of the Lincoln Project.

But at this point, Conway says, he doesn’t have to work too hard to beat his former party. Thanks to their devotion to Trump, they are dismantling the party themselves.

Conway made the comments during an appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper. to discuss Josh Hawley’s announcement to challenge the election college results. The host asked, “Couldn’t this move by Josh Hawley force John Thune to vote against President Trump, thereby giving someone the opportunity to vote John Thune in a Republican elementary school if they run for re-election because now it’s that anti there – fact, anti-truth wave of support among Trump supporters? “

“If that’s true, then the success of the Republican Party is likely to consist in further dismantling it,” Conway replied. “What we are seeing here is an endless downward spiral of deception and unreality and righteous lies about the integrity of our democracy. And that is deeply dangerous. These people are trying to advance their own political careers at the expense of confidence in our democracy. “

Courtesy of CNN, watch a clip of the following segment:

“It would be weird if it weren’t for such a serious matter,” says conservative attorney George Conway of GOP Senator Josh Hawley, delaying confirmation of Biden’s victory by forcing votes for the electoral college results.

“This is just the height of the absurdity. This election is over.”

– CNN (@CNN) December 30, 2020

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