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Posted on Fri, Jan 8th 2021 9:40 am by James Romoser

After a winter break, the judges will meet for a private conference on Friday where they will consider certification applications asking them to add new cases during this term. Numerous high-profile cases are scheduled for examination.

Some are petitions that judges have considered at previous conferences and are still considering (a status indicating that the court is seriously considering taking the case). These lists include petitions condemning crack cocaine reforms, unequal treatment of Puerto Rico in a federal safety net program, and President Donald Trump’s practice of blocking his critics on Twitter. Further petitions are to be examined for the first time at the conference on Friday. Some of the notable ones include petitions about Trump and the Compensation Clause, a Mississippi bill that bans almost all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, a federal ordinance that discourages certain family planning programs from referring abortions, a federal ordinance that toughens up the assessment of whether legal immigrants are likely to State aid is in need and the death penalty for one of the Boston Marathon bombers. Click here for a list of all the petitions we are viewing.

Here is a recap of the Supreme Court news and commentary from across the web:

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