Frank Figliuzzi tells Nicolle Wallace we would higher plan an “involuntary extraction of this president”

It was an almost incredible day in Washington DC. After reinforcements arrived from a number of states, the Capitol was vacated. The Senate will meet again at 8 p.m.

Now the focus will be on the consequences of Donald Trump and the behavior of his supporters. Obviously, the current president is desperate to stay in power and terrified of the legal troubles that await him.

Frank Figliuzzi spent the next 24 hours discussing what to do with Donald Trump with Nicolle Wallace from MSNBC.

The former FBI officer told the host:

“We have a president who is looking for less and less likely that he is will voluntarily leave them Oval Office. We see an isolated president This evening. I saw a tweet from Robert O.‘Brien, the President national security advisor, praises Vice President Pence for his courage. We’ve seen the deployment of Military troops by truck President Pence. We heard from Mitch McConnell today say he won’t to overthrow this choice. We heard from the president George W. Bush, that’s a President increasingly in Isolation. It keeps getting bigger desperate as he is increasing isolated and we should be better Now plan for an involuntary Extraction of this president. “

Check out a clip of the following comments courtesy of MSNBC:

Frank Figliuzzi tells Nicolle Wallace that we need to be prepared for an “involuntary extraction” of this president.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 7, 2021

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