For those who want a stimulus check, you might be “screwed”

(RNS) – Christian finance guru Dave Ramsey advises people to set up a $ 1,000 emergency fund as one of the first steps towards financial peace.

But apparently a federal stimulus test is not a way to get there.

“Well, I don’t believe in a stimulus check because if $ 600 or $ 1,400 changes your life, you were pretty confused,” the writer and radio host told Fox News on Thursday, February 11th.

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“You have other problems. You have a career problem, you have a debt problem, you have a relationship problem, you have a mental health problem. “

On his daily radio show, Ramsey doubled down, saying those who could benefit from the incentive “had no lives”.

Ramsey’s comments overall were in line with the debt-free mantra that was at the center of advice from Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a nine-week program based on his Money Management Principles “God’s Way” taught in thousands of churches in the United States USA

However, critics on social media were quick to point out that it sounds like a way to build a financial base like the Ramsey’s program dictates.

They also found that Ramsey’s company, which received millions in tax breaks for expanding its headquarters south of Nashville, Tennessee, didn’t stand above the benefit of state generosity.

Ramsey, who filed for bankruptcy in his twenties before embarking on a career teaching churchgoers how to manage their money, also said he was against student debt relief, calling it “smoke and mirrors”.

Ramsey was recently criticized for having his 900 employees work in the office despite the COVID-19 outbreak at the company.

In addition, the company is currently being sued on allegations of religious and gender discrimination for firing an employee after telling her manager she was pregnant. The company has alleged in court documents that premarital sex is against company policies.

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