Florida Rep. Tries to close down Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Membership

Florida State Representative Omari Hardy has opened an investigation into Trump’s maskless New Year’s Eve party in Mar-a-Lago.

Rep. Hardy wrote in a letter to Palm Beach County on CBS12:

The complaint came from State Representative Omari Hardy (FL-88), who urged the county to punish the president’s club and temporarily shut it down. In a letter to the county, Hardy wrote, “Mar-a-Lago is an association. An association is a business. Businesses must comply with Palm Beach County’s mask order. “


“It was annoying to see hundreds of people so blatantly disregarding our mask orders,” Hardy told CBS 12 News. “When I saw this video, my thoughts immediately went to the Mar-a-Lago staff and I thought of all the people they might come into contact with.”

Rep. Hardy also tweeted:

We are one step closer to closing Mar-a-Lago.

This was a tremendous violation of our mask order. Hundreds of people. Inside. No masks. It’s a public health disaster waiting to happen.

No company should get away with it. #ShutDownMarALagohttps: //t.co/d4aadhLOCx

– Rep. Omari Hardy (@OmariJHardy) January 5, 2021

Scotland has told Trump not to come to his country and an elected official is trying to shut down Mar-a-Lago. Trump’s world is collapsing around him, and it would be fair if he had nowhere to resign from office until the inevitable indictment gives him a home forever.

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