Finest Web sites To Purchase Jewellery For Girls On-line

If you can buy a pair of diamond earrings or a gold cuff bracelet in your underwear, why not? Forget about going to a store to read the latest jewelry selection from big boxes. You live in the future my friend. Buy jewelry online.

Gone are the days when a salesperson breathes down your neck and suggests the most expensive goods to sell. Instead, that experience has been replaced with internet storefronts where you can experience virtual try-ons, 3D modeling, and the ability to buy jewelry for yourself or a loved one with one click and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

But we also know that finding just the right piece online can also be overwhelming. (After all, a Google search for “online jewelry store” yields around 1,530,000,000 results.) To narrow your options down, we’ve listed 10 of the best places to buy jewelry online, with delivery for any price, any need will. So you can get just the thing for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just for fun.

Ellie Vail Arielle Bangle Courtesy Image

The best websites to buy jewelry for women online

Best for Affordable Finds: Ellie Vail

The brand of the same name was founded in 2014 by the former celebrity stylist Ellie Vail and is made for “the everyday woman”. Their pieces are made of gold-plated stainless steel, so they are water and sweat resistant and hypoallergenic.

Must-have piece: Arielle Bangle ($ 59). It’s effortlessly cool, timeless, and pairs well with other stacking jewelry, making it a staple of every woman’s personal jewelry collection.

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Auvere Byzantium ringAuvere Byzantium ring Courtesy Image

Best for luxury goods: Auvere

Auvere is the perfect place to shop for someone you love because the brand itself is born of love. Co-founders Gina Love and Steven Feldman are partners in life too. The couple came together in 2017 to launch their jewelry line, which was made exclusively from True 22 and Pure 24-karat gold.

Must-have piece: Byzantium Ring (USD 5,300). Made from 23 grams of 24 carat gold and rubies, this is a piece that inspires. Although you really can’t go wrong choosing one of the men’s or women’s rings.

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Catbird Dollhouse Heart LocketCatbird Dollhouse Heart Locket Courtesy Image

Best for unique items: Catbird

The brick and mortar and online shop not only has its own brand, but also sells goods from some of the coolest artisans on the block. The company prides itself on its diverse hiring and purchasing decisions that have helped it have a really wide range of products to choose from.

Must-have piece: Dollhouse Heart Locket ($ 168). The charming necklace is the perfect way to say, “I love you.” The necklace is made in a studio that “has been family owned and operated since the 19th century”. So you know it has to be good. Add a custom photo with a touch of glue for an extra personal touch.

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Von Chari Spaced Letter NecklaceVon Chari Spaced Letter Necklace Courtesy Image

Best for personalized / custom offers: From Chari

The line by designer Chari Cuthbert, founded in 2012, pays homage to women who “appreciate simplicity but demand luxury”. Each piece is handcrafted and sustainably produced in Los Angeles, California. No wonder the line is loved by Hollywood A-listers. While her entire line is top notch, it is Cuthbert’s bespoke letter jewelry that really shines.

Must-have piece: Spaced Letter Necklace, Small ($ 235.) Delicate and light, the Small Spaced Letter Necklace is all you need.

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Oradina Positano Classic tiresOradina Positano Classic tires Courtesy Image

Best for minimalist pieces: Oradina

Oradina is a master class on the concept “less is more”. Run by third generation jewelers, the company specializes in solid gold jewelry that is designed to impress, not overwhelm. The company also offers transparency in sourcing gold and ensures that every piece is ethically made so you can feel comfortable giving it and wearing it.

Must-have piece: Oradina Positano Classic Hoops ($ 125). It doesn’t get any fancier than tires. Choose from yellow, white and rose gold for a personalized gift.

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Diamond bezel braceletDiamond bezel bracelet Courtesy Image

Best for sustainable sourcing: Vrai

Buying gems can take some serious detective work to find out where they came from, who mined them, and if they were paid a decent wage. But not with Vrai. That’s because its diamonds are grown sustainably in the US. That means they have no carbon footprint or mining and are cut by in-house master craftsmen.
Must-have piece: Diamond Bezel Bracelet ($ 260.) This dainty and cute diamond bracelet makes a sweet sparkler. Pair it with the Ellie Vail bracelet for a one-two win.

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Stone and Beach Unicorn Gemstone RingStone and Beach Unicorn Gemstone Ring Courtesy Image

Sometimes all you have to do is find a piece of jewelry that is as unique as the person you give it to. Don’t worry, Stone and Strand is here for you. The company lives from its Good Girl Mission, which stands up for women who inspire us. Women who don’t apologize for themselves and aren’t afraid to do things their own way. “Your colorful pieces certainly reflect this.

Must-have piece: Unicorn Gemstone Ring ($ 250). This is a colorful show stopper made of amethyst, peridot, pink sapphire, blue sapphire and blue topaz in yellow gold.

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BIWA Pearl ankletBIWA Pearl anklet Courtesy Image

Best for trending goods: machete

Being on trend can be a good thing. Atlanta-based MACHETE brand is made from environmentally conscious materials including turtle acetate, cellulose acetate and bioacetate, all natural and renewable materials. As an added bonus, the jewelry even comes in custom, eco-friendly, UVA zippered bags.

Must-have piece: BIWA Pearl anklet ($ 72). The 90s are back, which means there are anklets too. Step up from kids’ stuff to high-end design like this goodie made from freshwater pearls.

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Mejuri Baby Box chain necklaceMejuri Baby Box chain necklace Courtesy Image

Best for the classic taste: Mejuri

Mejuri is the place to be for instant heirloom pieces that are cool today, tomorrow, and generations to come. Or, as the company describes, its jewelry is “handcrafted like in the old days, but designed for the golden days to come”.

Must-have piece: Baby Box Chain Necklace ($ 195). This 14-karat gold chain literally goes with everything from a classic white t-shirt to a black tie. This makes it the ideal piece for the top drawer in your jewelry box.

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Black Pearl Midi HoopsBlack Pearl Midi Hoops Courtesy Image

Best for a craftsman on the rise: Sophie Monet

Sophie Monet redefines how jewelry should look and feel. Sophie Monet Okulick made her entire first collection out of wood, a material that has to be seen to be appreciated. Each piece is so damn cool that you’ll want to buy something for yourself too. When buying jewelry online is that easy, why not?

Must-have piece: Black Pearl Midi Hoops ($ 150). At the mixed materials, people will look twice. Made of peacock-black pearl, pine wood and 16-carat gold-plated sterling silver, it is a gift that recipients will say thank you for for days.

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