Finest Regulation Faculties for Ladies (2021)

Since the 2016 election and the legal turmoil that began shortly after President Donald Trump was sworn in (and continues to this day), thousands of college graduates – and women in particular – have made the decision to attend law school. With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, women were even more inspired to study the law and to follow in their footsteps.

As our readers know, the latest Princeton Review Law Schools rankings have come out, and today we’re focusing on another incredibly important ranking during the #MeToo # TimesUp era in America, an era when Kamala Harris, a woman who a law school graduate, making history as the first woman and first black woman to be elected vice president: the law schools with the greatest resources for women.

Which law schools do you think topped this list?

First, let’s start with the methodology used by the Princeton Review to determine which law schools have the greatest resources for women. This ranking was based on the percentage of students who identify as women, as well as student responses to a single question: whether all students are treated equally by students and faculty regardless of gender.

According to the Princeton Review, these are the law schools where women are on an equal footing with their male classmates:

1. Stanford University School of Law
2. Vermont Law School
3. New England Law – Boston
4. University of Toledo College of Law
5. University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law
6. UC Davis School of Law
7. St. Thomas University Law School
8. Charleston School of Law
9. Washington University School of Law – St. Louis
10. Brooklyn Law School

Law school may be the perfect place for women in America to resist, survive, and prove that the future is female. The law is a powerful tool, and we hope that women who want change will use it wisely. We wish you the best of luck in law school!

Has your law school or alma mater made the cut? If so, do you think it was rated fairly? Do you agree with this assessment if it is not on the list of the best career prospects? Please email us or send us an SMS (646-820-8477) with your thoughts. Many thanks.

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