Fashionable, insulated out of doors jackets higher than puffers

We all love a good down jacket – it offers a lot of warmth in a lightweight package. But when they are wet they are inefficient and you can look like the Michelin Man is brought to life. While the latest down puffies have slimmer silhouettes and use more modern materials, they still don’t look very stylish when strolling around town after a day on the slopes. Fortunately, there is a new generation of outdoor jackets that are as fashionable as they are functional.

These hybrids blend old school fibers like wool and cellulose with cutting edge materials like synthetic blends that have all the benefits of down with no negatives. Of course there is still time and place for your beloved puffers – keep it simple for quick alpine adventures or hikes when packability and lightness are required. If you’re looking to collect style points, choose one of these 10 innovative jackets instead. You’re technical and handsome as hell.

Snow Peak wool fleece jacket Courtesy Image

These outdoor jackets are the best alternative to buffers

1. Snow Peak wool fleece jacket

Retro fleece jackets are back in style, and this furry number outperforms synthetic competitors by being made entirely from wool. It can respond better to your body temperature. The fleece is ultra-light but still retains enough density to block gusts of wind. A high collar, a full zip front and roomy side pockets make this Japanese-made jacket a staple for winter.


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Salewa Woolen HoodySalewa Woolen Hoody Courtesy Image

2. Salewa Woolen Hoody

Thick and sturdy, this streamlined zipper is made from textured wool blended with viscose – a cellulose made from wood fibers – which actually adds extra softness and breathability. A bit of synthetic polyester and spandex are mixed in to give the textile durability and flexibility as well as better moisture control and temperature regulation. Two side zip pockets and a tailor-made hood with elastic hem complete the look.


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Prometheus Design Werx Beast HoodiePrometheus Design Werx Beast Hoodie Courtesy Image

3. Prometheus Design Werx Beast Hoodie

This hoodie offers a classic alpine seal of approval in the style of the late 70s and early 80s. It’s made from Polartec Shearling ThermalPro Retro Pile Fleece, which is dense and strong and will keep you warm in cool temperatures. But it is the attention to detail that will convince you. There are two internal stash pockets, two zippered pockets, and two zippered sleeve pockets – paired with loops so you can add your favorite patches – so storage isn’t a problem. The reinforced forearms / elbows, the tight-fitting hood with beak and the stealth thumbhole cuffs ensure stylish functionality.


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Oros Atmos jacketOros Atmos jacket Courtesy Image

4. Oros Atmos jacket

This thick, sturdy hoodie is filled with airgel, NASA’s lightest and most advanced insulation technology (used to insulate spacecraft). It’s 99.8 percent air, which is the magic behind the insulation: all of the trapped air circulates in the garment and contains your body heat. Airgel is also insanely light, flexible, and unobtrusive, so you have all the warmth without the bulk. Long cuffs keep drafts out, while a deep snorkel hood gives you full-body cold coverage.


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Filson Hyder quilted Jac shirtFilson Hyder quilted Jac shirt Courtesy Image

5. Filson Hyder quilted Jac shirt

Nobody makes classically cool outdoor equipment like Filson. The Hyder is surprisingly warm for its feather-light design. That’s because it’s filled with a special type of insulation. The ultra-light, but ultra-hard synthetic filling is environmentally friendly, is made from recycled water bottles and is similar to down in terms of its breathability, roastiness and compressibility. The outside of the jacket has a waterproof, dry-waxed shell for the characteristic Filson flair.


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Amundsen Harvester overshirtAmundsen Harvester overshirt Courtesy Image

6. Amundsen Harvester Overshirt

With this wide whale corduroy jacket you will return to a fantastic 70s atmosphere. It may look retro, but it’s made of stretchy, water-repellent cord from the famous French textile factory Cosserat, and the fleece is made from fine Italian wool. The classic silhouette with front buttons is timeless.


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Fjällräven Skogsö padded jacketFjällräven Skogsö padded jacket Courtesy Image

7. Fjällräven Skogsö padded jacket

One of the biggest drawbacks to carrying a pouffe is how sensitive it can be: you get limited protection from real-world hazards like sharp branches and rough stones. You don’t have to treat the Skogsö gently, however, as it is clad in Fjällräven’s legendary G-1000 fabric, a super durable material that can also be waxed for long-term, heavy-duty use. This jacket is filled with synthetic insulation and equipped with stormproof properties. She will take you through some of the harshest winter conditions.


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Maloja JakarmMaloja Jakarm Courtesy Image

8. Maloja Jakarm

The design of this reversible jacket is so novel and yet so obvious that you’ll wonder why not all outdoor jackets are like this. One side is color-blocked and equipped with windproof nylon. Flip it over if heavy rain or gusts of snow roll in for protection from the elements. On the other side there is a special GoreTex shell that is completely windproof, breathable and water-repellent (rain pearls immediately).


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Relwen Windzip jacketRelwen Windzip jacket Courtesy Image

9. Relwen Windzip jacket

You will wear this Relwen casual jacket for everything from quick errands to cool nights on the town. The nylon / spandex blend has some stretch and offers breathability and some water resistance. A two-layer stand-up collar offers calm from cool gusts and jersey-lined side pockets give icy hands a nice place to thaw. Lycra trimmings on the cuffs and hems also help keep the cold away.


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Picture horse JktPicture horse Jkt Courtesy Image

10. Picture horse Jkt

The environmentally conscious materials of this jacket include 100 percent recycled polyester and environmentally friendly insulation. The body mapping design features Polartec Power Stretch inserts under the arms and around the shoulders for total freedom of movement. The outer shell reinforces the attic insulation for maximum warmth. As far as outdoor jackets are concerned, this strikes the perfect balance: sporty and yet sophisticated, tailored and yet flexible.


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