Fascist Republicans are working laborious to kill democracy

No matter how aggressive Republican lawmakers have been over the past 16 years in their efforts to kill democracy by introducing voter suppression tactics, their new machinations are on par every fascist dictator in history.

For several years now, Republicans have maintained that if every American were allowed to participate in the nation’s electoral process, they would never win an election again. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but they are taking fascist steps to kill democracy and stay in power.

It is true that filthy Don Trump fueled his grassroots base by claiming that if he lost an election it was due to massive electoral fraud, but Republicans literally moved heaven and earth to suppress democracy long before Trump came on stage.

Now, after 5 years of Trump’s lies that there is a concerted nationwide effort to corrupt the democratic process against him, Republicans will take legislative action to ensure that the next GOP fascist to run for presidency automatically does that White House wins.

During the Senate vote to approve President Joseph Biden’s electoral college, several Republicans stood up and claimed that various state election laws were “illegal and unconstitutional” because Trump lost. This was even true of Republican-majority state legislatures that passed electoral laws under the Constitution. Now, only someone who has been in a coma for the past few months doesn’t understand that what Republicans consider “illegal and unconstitutional” counts all American ballots – especially those of black people in urban areas, because they tend to be Democrats to support.

In perhaps the most telling sign that Republicans intend to obey Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial actions, an Arizona lawmaker tabled a bill to give Arizona lawmakers the power to overturn the election results thnot preferred with Republicans.

After several reports, the chairman of the State House Ways and Means Committee of Arizona was introduced legislation Granting the undisputed power of the state’s Republican legislature to revoke the Secretary of State’s electoral college certification at any time prior to the inauguration of the President.

It’s unclear whether Republican Rep Shawna Bolick is seeking a favor from the insidious Don or turning to his grassroots for support in the future, but the legislation is as sweeping an attack on democracy as Trump is starting an insurrection against the United States throws America stay in office.

Ms. Bolick says legislation is simply a way to ensure the integrity of the elections, but that’s exactly what Trump said to spark the deadly uprising in the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6. In fact, Bolick is suggesting exactly what Trump was trying to do Georgia and Michigan – – authorize Republicans to revoke their respective states electoral college votes and proclaim him president.

Unfortunately, the situation in Arizona is not unique. In Republican controlled states A number of new voter suppression laws are being introduced to ensure Republicans win every election going forward. Republicans in red and battlefield states across the country cite Trump’s fraudulent allegations of election fraud, and the trump card– –created decreasing confidence in electoral integrity, as a reason for undermining the electoral process in favor of the Republicans Candidates.

In fact, some Republicans are pretty open about the motivation for suppressing the vote, saying they don’t believe they can ever win unless they change electoral laws to favor Republican candidates. One such Republican, Alice O’Lenick, Who serves on the Georgian electoral board said::

You don’t have to change all of the rules, but you do have to change the main parts so that we can at least try to win.

The so-called “bulk” of Republicans reject anything that allows all citizens to vote. Whether it is an early vote, same day registration, or absentee / absentee vote; Republicans want it to end because when all American votes are counted, Republicans have no chance of winning. The fascist pigs might as well say out loud that only Republican votes count.

None of this started with Trump, but he did spend five years creating suspicion in the the electoral system because he lost the popular vote in 2016 and lost the elesson In 2020. Trump cares no more an iota about electoral integrity than his Republican doers; Like Republicans around the country, he just doesn’t want Americans’ ballots to count unless they’re for a Republican.

Despite claims to the contrary by Trump or Republicans, America has no problem with electoral integrity and they know it. The real problem has nothing to do with electoral integrity, and all with power at any cost. If it’s just about counting ballots cast for Republican candidates or forcibly suppressing free and fair elections, then Republicans and their demigod Trump support are fascism.

Trump, with valuable help from Republicans, added a world of harm on america in four catastrophic Years. But by far the greatest damage was and is the damage done by the fascist cabal to democracy and the nation attemptted Rejection of the will of the people by an authoritarian dictator – the definition of fascism.

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