Extra People will participate within the dry January 2021

Dry January is officially becoming a trend.

The month-long sobriety challenge has grown in popularity in recent years, and new polls show a surprising number of Americans have embraced this healthy start to the new year.

In a survey of 2,200 adults in the US, Morning Consult found that 13 percent of people will stop drinking by 2021. Last year, that poll was 11 percent. Another survey of 15,000 US adults by YouGov found that 15 percent of those polled planned to take part on January sober, up from 10 percent the previous year. And Google provided another sign, with searches for “Dry January” in the past few weeks.

The main reasons for being sober were to be healthier and reduce alcohol consumption. However, around half of those questioned in the Morning Consult survey said that dry January had become an annual tradition for them.

One of the main beneficiaries of this new trend are non-alcoholic beer companies like Athletic Brewing, which have seen a surge in both interest and sales. And the newly discovered interest in non-alcoholic beer is not limited to January, the sector is even enjoying increasing popularity in the course of 2020. In fact, market research firm IRI found that non-alcoholic beer sales rose 37.7% to $ 188 million in 2020.

Another important factor is COVID-19. With many people drinking more over the past year to cope with the stress of the global pandemic, it has become popular to take a break to start 2021. Morning Consult found that 49 percent of people said excessive drinking during COVID-19 was a factor in their decision to attend Dry January.

While 2021 is already off to a tumultuous start, the real question is how many people will actually stay at Dry January. 31 days can feel like a long time, especially if the stress of a global pandemic continues to devastate our lives. However, attacking 2021 with your mind in your head is a healthy strategy that you will not regret.

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