Evangelical chief Beth Moore tends to Twitter after calling Trumpism “seductive and harmful”.

(RNS) – With proponents of President Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud continuing to question election results five weeks after Joe Biden was called for, some evangelical leaders had had enough.

Karen Swallow Prior, an evangelical writer and professor, tweeted Friday (December 11) that she was ashamed to have voted for local and state GOP candidates, many of whom supported lawsuits against the election.

“What a bunch of greedy, power-hungry, partisan cowards who don’t care about conservatism,” said Swallow Prior, a self-described lifelong conservative, in her tweet.

While I never voted for Trump, I did vote for local and state @GOP candidates. (After all, I’m a lifelong Conservative.)

I am embarrassed now and ashamed that I did this.

What a bunch of greedy, power-hungry partisan cowards who don’t care about conservatism.

– Karen Swallow Prior (Kiddo Notorious KSP) (@KSPrior) December 12, 2020

Writer and columnist David French published a column in The Dispatch on Sunday entitled “The Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism,” claiming that “the frenzy and anger of the post-election era have mere idolatry and fanaticism of Christianity Trumpism exposed “.

Perhaps most notably, Beth Moore, a popular Southern Baptist writer and speaker, expressed her frustration and apparent confusion on Twitter on Sunday at the Christian zeal for Trump, saying that in her 63+ years she “has never saw something in these United States of America I found the saints of God amazingly more seductive and dangerous than Trumpism. “

With a warning to her nearly a million followers that she would be dull, the founder of Living Proof Ministries posted a thread calling on Christians to withdraw from Trumpism, insisting that Christian nationalism “is not of God.” “.

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Moore had particularly strong words for her “fellow Christian leaders,” whom she said were responsible for protecting their congregation.

“We are blamed for remaining passive on this day of seduction in order to save our own skins as the saints we have been entrusted to are deceived, manipulated, used and stirred to a foam of jealousy without the Holy Spirit, more political Profit, ”she tweeted.

I don’t think these are the days to crush words. I am 63 1/2 years old and have never seen anything in this United States of America. I found it more amazingly seductive and dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism. This Christian nationalism is not from God. Get back away from it.

– Beth Moore (@BethMooreLPM) December 13, 2020

Within a few hours, the tweet thread received nearly 40,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments on both sides of the problem. Quite a few commentators said Moore should “stay on her trail”. On Sunday afternoon, “Beth Moore” was trending nationwide on Twitter.

Moore added to the Twitter thread on Sunday that the answer to Trumpism for Christians could not be “bidenism”.

“We do not worship flesh and blood. We do not trust mortals. We are the church of the living God. We cannot sanctify idolatry by designating a guide as our Cyrus. We don’t need a Cyrus. We have a king. His name is Jesus, ”she tweeted.

Their tweets came a day after thousands of pro-Trump protesters gathered in Washington DC for the “Jericho March” on Saturday, with speeches by Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and Evangelical commentator Eric Metaxas both pointing to support of the President called Trump and his allegations of electoral fraud in the November elections.

“Let us ask God to bring truth and justice to triumph,” Vigano said in a pre-recorded message.

Many of the protesters waved flags with Christian images as well as Trump slogans and “Stop the Steal” messages.

Courts in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia have repeatedly denied allegations of mass electoral fraud and other irregularities. On Friday (December 11), the US Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asking the court to prevent these states from confirming their votes.

Elsewhere in Washington, on Saturday, people affiliated with the Proud Boys hate group allegedly tore down the Black Lives Matter signs belonging to churches and set at least one on fire.

Moore has been the subject of controversy in the past, mostly in response to her scriptural teaching to a mixed audience that many Conservatives say undermines the teaching of the Southern Baptists.

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