Evaluation and outlook throughout a transitional interval for the court docket

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Posted Tue, Jan 5, 2021 3:03 PM

Posted Tue, Jan 5th 2021 3:03 PM by SCOTUStalk

The Supreme Court has changed dramatically over the past year, and more changes may be due in 2021. The SCOTUSblog editor Tom Goldstein speaks with the SCOTUStalk presenter Amy Howe about what happened in 2020 and what is next for the court. They discuss the early effects of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the pros and cons of distant verbal arguments, and how the court handled President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the elections. They also look ahead to what a Biden administration could do on day one to change the course of some major upcoming cases, including disputes over funding the border wall and the Trump administration’s immigration policy to stay in Mexico for the next two months.

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