Donald Trump’s rioters hate John Roberts now and the Supreme Court docket constructing wants help

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COVID has kept judges away from the Supreme Court building and continued to hear arguments via conference call. But Cletus in his tactical Wal-Mart gear doesn’t necessarily understand the file – they obviously didn’t care that no one was in the offices they vandalized – and after what happened on Wednesday and the vitriol on the right internet over there the Supreme Court failed to overturn the election as Trump kept pretending to be able to do so, it might be a good idea to double security on 1 First Street for now.

Novelist Courtney Milan, who worked for both Justice O’Connor and Justice Kennedy, raised concerns on Twitter yesterday:

This doesn’t detract from the work that the Supreme Court’s safety does, but we’ve seen a much larger force completely overwhelmed when madmen focused on it. Given the current escalating tension, it’s probably worth sending a backup to the building and judges for now.

The Supreme Court should not be allowed to become a closed chamber of stars – at least not more than before – but there is no need to put in place stricter security procedures. The current procedures are more than adequate. Security only needs help to enforce it. Increasing your presence in the short term is not a bad idea.

Of course, a Supreme Court judge should be fine having one of the mob’s cheerleaders with him:


Hopefully these idiots never run away from our courts, but it’s worth worrying now because I would never have imagined Wednesday until I saw it.

Ginni Thomas, Clarence’s wife, cheered the rally that turned into the Capitol uprising [Slate]

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