Dominion Sues Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell – $ 1.three Billion Libel Go well with

Dominion Voting Systems filed a $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against conservative attorney Sidney Powell on Friday alleging her false and outlandish claims of fraud in the 2020 elections “did unprecedented harm” .

The lawsuit is the first in a series of high-priced litigation against prominent conspiracy theorists and right-wing media organizations who spread unsubstantiated lies about President Donald Trump’s defeat in the November election.

It comes as the nation continues to anticipate the aftermath of Wednesday’s deadly uprising by a crowd of Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Dominion, the supplier of voting machines to Georgia and other states and counties, brought the lawsuit in the US District Court in Washington. The company warned last month that it would bring defamation suits against these trumpet conspiracy theories through its voting machines, including Fox News and major media figures.

Powell did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The lawyer, a former member of Trump’s legal team, has falsely claimed, among other things, that Dominion was created by the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez to manipulate the 2020 competition. Chavez died in 2013.

“As a result of the defamatory lies that Powell has committed – along with like-minded allies and media determined to promote a false preconception – the Dominion Founder, Dominion Staff, Georgia Governor, and Georgian Secretary of State have been harassed as well received death threats, and Dominion has suffered enormous damage, “Dominion attorney Thomas Clare said in the 124-page lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the Powell company issued a letter officially warning them not to lie about the company anymore and citing a tweet it posted shortly after that refused to do so.

“Powell doubled in, tweeted to her 1.2 million Twitter followers that she had heard ‘#Dominion’ written to her and that even though she hadn’t even seen Dominion’s letter, she was’ not withdrawing anything ‘because'[w]We have evidence and they are scam masters! “said the company.

Dominion asked the court to award him at least $ 651,735,000 in damages and the same amount of punitive damages, in addition to the costs he incurred in filing the lawsuit. In the lawsuit, “Defending the Republic, Inc.” listed, a company Powell used alongside Powell as a defendant in fundraising campaigns.

Powell, L. Lin Wood and Brannon Castleberry are the directors of Defending the Republic.

Powell and Wood, another attorney for the conspiracy theorist, held a joint Stop the Steal rally in Georgia in December promoting conspiracy theories about the elections. Wood frequently tweeted conspiracy theories about Chief Justice John Roberts and the election until he was banned from the platform this week.

Powell, a former federal attorney, and Wood had filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan district courts to dismiss the results of the presidential election. All lawsuits were dismissed.

“Powell and Wood filed their election lawsuits – which never had a chance to reverse the election results – with the obvious and cynical aim of producing court documents that they could post on their fundraising websites and advertise as” evidence “during their media campaign. says the Dominion lawsuit.

She also accused the attorneys of “collecting donations, raising their public profile, and ingratifying Donald Trump for the additional benefits and opportunities they expected from working with him.”

Wood did not immediately return a request for comment.

The lawsuit states that Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser and Powell client, “the same day Powell filed her election lawsuit in Georgia.” Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

The president’s legal team, which also wanted to undo Biden’s victory, eventually distanced themselves from Powell. Lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis released a statement in November that Powell “is a lawyer himself”.

But Trump continued to back the attorney, only considering appointing the conspiracy theorist to investigate his allegations of electoral fraud, the New York Times reported.

On Thursday, President Biden finally admitted defeat as he faced a possible criminal exposure over what he said to supporters before they raged through the Capitol.

More lawsuits are expected shortly.

In December, Dominion issued at least 21 letters to those targeted on defamation charges. The White House was one of the recipients of these letters; Fox News and its hosts Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Maria Bartiromo; and news outlets Newsmax, One America News Network, and Epoch Times.

At that point, Fox found that segments had aired that stated that Powell had provided no evidence to support his claims.

“Despite many polite inquiries, she never sent us evidence,” said host Tucker Carlson in one of the segments.

Dominion attorney Clare spoke to reporters after the lawsuit was filed and suggested that Trump be sued himself.

“We have not excluded anyone. We are very conscious of everyone’s statements and actions,” Clare said when asked if the president might be a target.

Trump could also face charges for his comments on Wednesday against supporters who gathered to protest the election in which he called them to “fight”. Giuliani suggested “process through struggle” at the rally.

Acting US attorney Michael Sherwin, who was asked if Trump could be prosecuted, said Thursday that “anyone who has a role and where the evidence fits a crime” could be. The New York Times previously reported that White House attorney Pat Cipollone warned Trump that he could be prosecuted for inciting insurrection.

In a statement on Friday, Dominion CEO John Poulos linked the DC uprising to Powell’s actions. “The recent attacks on the democratic process are not singular or isolated events,” he said. “They are the result of a deliberate and malicious campaign of lies over many months.”

“Sidney Powell and others created and distributed, supported and reinforced these lies through a number of media platforms,” ​​he added.

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