COVID wipes out Trump’s authorized group earlier than the electoral school votes

Trump no longer has lawyers to lead his legal team after Rudy Giuliani became the youngest member of Trump’s campaign over COVID.

Meredith Lee tweeted:

Trump tasked Giuliani with legal strategy after David Bossie and Mark Meadows tested positive for covid-19. In the last few days before the EU vote, there isn’t really anyone left to replace Giuliani on the Trump Legal Road team

WIs national leg has an elex hearing this Friday

– Meredith Lee (@meredithllee) December 6, 2020

Trump’s election challenge has proven to be a legally frivolous public relations stunt, but if he had serious plans to contest the election before the electoral college meets in just over a week, those plans have been crippled by Rudy Giuliani’s COVID diagnosis.

No confident electoral lawyer will touch Trump’s challenges. The Trump campaign failed to produce any objective evidence of electoral fraud.

It is fitting that Donald Trump’s mistreatment of the pandemic not only cost him the election, but also any chance to contest the election before the electoral college meets. Trump’s legal challenges ranged from disaster to debacle.

The president believes the Supreme Court will ride to his rescue, but the reality is that Trump doesn’t even have a senior attorney, let alone a case, to question Joe Biden’s victory.

The Trump coronavirus denial has allowed the virus to wipe out its legal team.

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