Colleagues search that means after the Christmas Day homicide

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I’m just as in the dark as the next person. It’s devastating. It’s awful. [John Liquori] was a good friend and an even better colleague … We all know the stressors we face as lawyers. Communicating how we are feeling is important.

That’s the only benefit that can come from it – that people may not be afraid to talk about how they are feeling. “

– Attorney David Kelly of Spellman, Kelly & Fanous, who worked on cases against John Liquori for 20 years, told about his reaction to Liquori’s death. Liquori reportedly murdered his wife, Mrs. Cindy, 55, on Christmas Day before he committed suicide. Individual practitioner Ms. Mary Bergamini said Liquori was “concerned about some cases that will occur in January” and “appeared to be very concerned.”

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