CDC says attorneys and judges have precedence over coronavirus vaccines

New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control on who should be the first to receive the coronavirus vaccine put lawyers and other legal professionals high on the list.

On Sunday, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issued recommendations on who should receive the vaccine after long-term care patients and frontline health workers.

The recommendations describe three levels of prioritization of the first phase vaccines. The first tier of long-term care residents and healthcare workers is followed by group 1b, which includes people aged 75 and over and key frontline workers.

Then comes group 1c, which includes people aged 65 and over, people at high risk and “other important workers”.

This category of “other essential workers” is defined with reference to a list drawn up by the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) in August for workers with essential critical infrastructure.

This list includes legal staff, defined as “workers who assist in the operations of the judicial system, including judges, lawyers and others who provide legal assistance”.

“Population groups included in phase 1c either have an increased risk of severe COVID-19 compared to the general population or support the ongoing operation of critical infrastructures,” the recommendations say.

The CDC did not specify when the transition to Phase 1c will begin as it depends on vaccine supply and production.

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