Bob Dylan’s New Bootleg Vol. II Whiskey Assessment

Bob Dylan released the second edition of his Heaven’s Door Bootleg series whiskey this winter, warming up the season with Bootleg Vol. 2. II; It’s tropical with a rum finish.

Dylan’s whiskey brand appeared in 2018 and debuted with three whiskeys, including a rye and a bourbon. We were fans of these delicious bottles (although they were a bit typical). Since then, he’s been busy getting weird in the best possible way.

While these first releases were a crowd puller for the wider whiskey lover, the limited bootleg series debuted last year with a quirky pedigree: a low-rye bourbon aged 26 years old in Japanese Mizunara oak, one of the rarest types of oak, has been completed in the world (and a delicious finishing ingredient when applied well).

We were fans of this whiskey so expect big things from the newly announced Bootleg Vol. II.

By the way, it should be noted that at the moment all whiskey is sourced from Heaven’s Door and not distilled in-house. While a distillery was created for the brand, none of these stocks (or one for the next half decade) will come from it.

Volume II doesn’t have the impressive age of its predecessor, but it’s just as tempting. The second release will feature 15-year-old bourbon stocks processed in Jamaican pot-still rum barrels.

“Significantly richer with slightly tropical notes from the fermentation process,” explains Heaven’s Door. “This Tennessee whiskey with a cask strength of 104.6 is rich in maple syrup on the nose and has a finish that has notes of roasted coconut, holiday spices and roasted oak, where the influence of sugar cane and rum extraction comes into play. “

One interesting thing to note is that this publication reveals that the whiskey in question went through the Lincoln County process – a charcoal filtering process that is common among whiskey makers in Tennessee. The process is done after distillation and before cask, which would mean this whiskey has to come from one of two distilleries that have been in operation for so long: Dickel or Jack Daniel’s … and Dickel is known for selling inventory.

According to the distillery, Bootleg Vol. II is bottled in handcrafted ceramic bottles that feature “one of Bob Dylan’s classic paintings, Sunset. Monument Valley housed in beautifully designed and individually numbered leather collectors’ newspapers. “

There are only 3,000 bottles of this rare whiskey available, with a hefty price tag of $ 500 per bottle. That’s not uncommon for rare stock releases these days, as much as we want to admit it … and at 15 this is old enough to be a truly one-of-a-kind whiskey.

Grab one here.

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