Biden, to inform Trump that democracy prevailed

In published excerpts from his upcoming address to the nation, President-elect Joe Biden will point out that democracy has prevailed against Trump.

According to excerpts made available to PoliticusUSA through the Biden transition, the President-Elect will say:

If someone didn’t know before, we know now. What hits the heart of the American people is this: Democracy.

The right to be heard. So that your vote counts. To elect the leaders of that nation. To rule ourselves.

In America, politicians don’t take power – people give it to them.

The flame of democracy was kindled in this nation long ago. And we now know that nothing – not even a pandemic – or abuse of power – can put out that flame.


In this struggle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed.

We, the people, voted. Maintained trust in our institutions. The integrity of our elections is preserved.

And now it’s time to turn the page. Unite. Heal.

Biden faces the Herculean task of bringing this country together as Republicans and Trump continue to actively work to divide us.

Trump tried to harass and threaten his way back to power after not very narrowly losing in all elections, but the system was stronger than Trump and it worked exactly as the founders of that nation intended.

Voters spoke out loud in their firm rejection of Trump. In the United States, presidents cannot invalidate the will of the majority and remain in office.

Trump’s attempt to take power failed, and now it is time to rebuild and rule a nation ravaged by four years of corruption, abuse, neglect and incompetence.

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