After the lawyer was fired for the Capitol riot, he discovered a authorized work go well with … Just about each politician and Mark Zuckerberg

Paul Davis (Image via Twitter)

We usually find our flimsy legal acts in the Pro-Se ranks, but 2021 (born 2020) likes to prove that these are unusual times. Paul Davis, who previously worked at Goosehead Insurance before an attempted coup abruptly ended his career there (Davis claims he “protested peacefully” and never entered the Capitol), shows that lawyers can be drawn into wild conspiracy theories. Maybe Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are really pioneers.

Davis and Kellye SoRelle, an attorney and failed candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, filed a complaint yesterday in federal court in the western district of Texas. The complaint has many outlandish allegations and appears to be meant to be thrown out of court. The complaint, which was filed on behalf of Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, as well as a number of individual plaintiffs, claims it was not a 2020 presidential fraud fraud lawsuit (in fact, it throws their legal predecessors into insane electoral lawsuits among the Bus noted: “This is not a lawsuit from Sidney Powell. This is not a lawsuit from Rudy Giuliani. This is not a lawsuit from Lin Wood. This is not a lawsuit from Team Trump. This is not a lawsuit from Republicans. This is not one Republicans lawsuit Democratic lawsuit. ”), But still wants a federal judge to throw out election results.

The complaint alleges that defendants – every single member of the 117th Congress, every governor and secretary of state, and Mark Zuckerberg for … reasons – made changes to the electoral law before the 2020 election in violation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which led to civil rights violations. It demands that all actions of the new Congress – including the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory and the second impeachment of Donald Trump – be voided.

The complaint adds to the wish list and calls on the court to prevent the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any other federal agency from detaining Davis or SoRelle for their actions on Jan. 6, “Lack of evidence of an important reason.” clear and convincing evidence that the attorney has committed a flagrant and willful act of violence which immediately leads to serious harm to another person. ” As if this were the legal standard for arrests. It’s cute how they move on like an illegal entry, and transgression isn’t something to be arrested for.

Anyway, the full appeal is a wild ride and is fully available below.

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