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After Columbia Legislation College was dragged on for an absence of response to college students’ psychological well being points, it makes modifications

Just days ago we told you how stress and mental health issues were going through the roof at Columbia Law School – and the students said the administration made things worse by, for example, enforcing a strict evaluation curve and eliminating reading week and shortening it of the academic calendar. Despite a blizzard in the meantime, law school tipsters say the admin has already taken steps to ease the pressure on pressure cooker students this semester.

The good news – and it’s really good news – is that Dean Gillian Lester has responded productively to the admittedly harsh criticism and is determined to make real changes to improve the material conditions for law students. If you remember, the CLS student senate had a petition with specific requirements like getting rid of the abbreviated academic calendar, returning a reading week, and providing study space for students taking exams. After meeting with the administration on Tuesday, the Student Senate reported significant progress on a number of issues:

The full Student Senate report on the progress of all requirements is on the next page.

The dean also sent an email (fully available here) confirming:

In hearing from you, reading your posts, and hearing your stories, I have a deep empathy for you in recognition of the difficulties you have faced. I want you to know that I am hearing you and that weighs heavily on how difficult this year has been for so many of you. In order to relieve these burdens, the Law School is making several immediate structural changes this spring, in collaboration with the Senate.

This also provided a thorough update on the changes to the law school. Tippers report that students are happy with developments so far and hope that the remaining problems – like the tight curve – will improve.

Law school is challenging under the best of circumstances, and adding a global pandemic is sure to make it worse. It is good to see that law school is – finally – doing everything it can to make it more bearable for the students.

HeadshotKathryn Rubino is Senior Editor at Above the Law and host of The Jabot podcast. AtL tipsters are the best so please connect with her. Feel free to email her tips, questions, or comments and follow her on Twitter (@ Kathryn1).

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