A hashtag results in Advertising #Success

We can all point to moments in our professional lives that changed the course of our careers – smashing a stretching task, really connecting with a mentor, grabbing a new job opportunity.

These moments don’t happen all at once. And sometimes we only appreciate their origins in retrospect.

In our experience, business development and marketing successes are often low, whether you’re networking with potential new customers, establishing yourself as a thought leader, or building your brand on social media.

Co-hosting PLI’s inSecurities podcast, which focuses on developments in securities regulation, enforcement, and accounting, has been one of the coolest and most rewarding opportunities of our careers. And like so many great opportunities, it started small – with a hashtag.

Long before we came across “Record” in the first episode of inSecurities, we connected through a hashtag at a security enforcement conference. At the conference for our “day jobs” as a forensic accountant (Chris) and securities lawyer (Kurt), we attended a handful of people who “tweeted” the event live.

After connecting networking with “IRL” at the conference’s happy hour, our bosses were impressed (and surprised!) That we were able to create meaningful professional connections through this “social media thing”.

We had all found a kindred spirit in securities enforcement and regulation, and spent the next few years exchanging well-intentioned barbs over lunch on K Street and on posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. We referred each other from time to time, but mostly we were there for the jokes.

Along the way, we started creating space as thought leaders in our areas of activity and on social media, and when PLI approached us with the opportunity to develop a podcast, we seized the opportunity. We saw the podcast as an opportunity to explore our love of content creation and marketing, build our regulatory and enforcement profiles, and provide content-based and entertaining commentary to industry leaders.

Over the past 18 months we’ve recorded pilot episodes, built a network of guests, and planned, recorded, edited, and produced more than two dozen episodes of the inSecurities podcast. It’s been quite a journey and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity and help we received along the way.

We’d like to take it forward by sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned and some of the great advice we received from Deborah Farone and Stefanie Marrone in Episode 11 and social media in today’s legal environment ”). Our top takeaways:

  • Don’t go alone – we could never have done more than 25 episodes alone – or had so much fun doing it. Together with our incredible partners at PLI, who carry the heavy burden of content creation, generation and promotion of ideas, and the enthusiastic, insightful guests we interview, we can achieve results that are way beyond what we can alone could have done.
  • Be flexible – our conception of the podcast has changed over time (more than once!). Between the complex issues we tackle on the show and the challenges posed by COVID-19, we had to be flexible and break new ground. We have responded to the market too – we are sometimes surprised by the episodes that get the most downloads, so we take the feedback and adapt.
  • Knowing when to skate and when to slide – we have a lot to do and competing demands on our time. There are times when you need to push hard and produce a few episodes quickly and other times when we need to focus our energies elsewhere. We felt the tension of balancing customer appointments with other work commitments, our personal lives. . . and a podcast! Learning to navigate peaks and valleys has helped us continue to produce (and enjoy!) High quality episodes at a steady pace.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag – As with our live tweeting at the conference, we’ve had mixed reactions to research into this new media. But we took the time to sit down with our peers, share the metrics, and discuss the meaningful connections made through our podcast efforts – to brag a little. Now our companies fully support us and recognize the potential business development and marketing opportunities associated with the podcast.

Our podcast isn’t the next series, but it has given us a platform and an opportunity to learn, grow, and share knowledge with listeners around the world – and to build relationships with experts in our field. Think about how you can create and leverage opportunities, even if they’re as small as a hashtag.

Access the full inSecurities archive on the PLI website and major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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