11. Circuit rejected Sidney Powell’s newest submitting – however not for the rationale you assume it’s

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It has never been particularly promising for the legal challenge of Georgia’s election results. Congress overcame an armed uprising to confirm the election results, but the Eleventh Circle appeal continues.

Unfortunately for Sidney Powell, this case – one she once touted as part of the Kraken strategy – has to continue (for now, at least) without the contested attorney. Powell filed a claim form on the case, but Law & Crime reported it. It appears that she is not a member of this bar association and has not filed a pro-hac vice-application:

“In order to participate in this appeal, you must complete and submit an application to practice law or pro-hac examination within 14 days of the date of this letter,” wrote Clerk David J. Smith in a letter to Powell. “If your application is not received within 21 days, applications or other documents submitted under the condition in the complaint may be clerically removed and treated as if they had never been submitted.”

This is not the first clerical snafu in this case. Law & Crime notes that “The Georgia petition, filed in late November, underwent scrutiny that quickly sparked a cascade of ridicule and contempt on Twitter. Legal observers pointed to some awkward formatting and typing errors, including the fact that the word “district” was misspelled twice at the top of the filing. “

Remember folks, there is only a week left before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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